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Posted by Kathy Foran on 11/27/2016

Festive gatherings with friends, romantic meals, quick pick-me-up snacks and lighthearted family conversations all happen inside kitchens. Itís no wonder that the kitchen has so much emotion connected to it. Then, thereís the way that certain foods like breads, sauces, pastas and desserts make us feel. Itís easy to turn to the kitchen and all its delicate and delicious edibles for emotional lifts, which is why itís important to stock your kitchen to support healthy eating.

Quick Steps to Regular Healthy Eating at Home

Save your money. It doesnít take a hundred dollars or more a week to stock your kitchen for healthy eating. Consider applying these tips the next time you go grocery shopping to restock your refrigerator, freezer and kitchen cabinets:

  • Make it a priority to fill refrigerator vegetable and fruit holders with fresh green leafy vegetables and fresh fruit. Kale,collard greens, turnips, spinach and cabbage are loaded with vitamins. So too are oranges, apples, grapefruit and lemons. Replenish fresh green, leafy vegetables and fruits weekly. Use them to make delicious salads to eat for lunch at work or at home.
  • Skip the salad dressing. Add in loads of dried vegetables and dried fruit when making your salad. Cranberries and raisins are other natural foods that cause salads to send flavor bursting through your mouth. A few days of eating fresh vegetables and you may come to prefer salads that are dressing free.
  • If you eat meat, stock your kitchen freezer with fish so you feed your body lots of Omega 3 minerals. Skinless chicken and lean beef are great for protein.It may surprise you how soon your taste change and how easily you adjust to eating skinless meat.
  • Nuts are another food that is loaded with protein making nuts a great snack food. Keep nuts in your kitchen for those days and nights when you feel like snacking.
  • Dried fruit is easy to stock and carry. Keep a bag in your purse or lunch bag. Doing so could help you avoid snacking on candy bars, potato chips and other calorie packed, vitamin deficient foods.
  • As simple as it sounds, itís good to keep a clean, tall water pitcher filled with clear water in the refrigerator. Seeing water each time you open your refrigerator door could encourage you to start drinking more fresh water.

If you do stock your kitchen with candies and empty carbs, keep them on top shelves. Keep healthy foods within easy reach. You could also stock your kitchen with food dispensers that only allow you to have so many pieces of empty carbs a week.

Also, limit the amount of unhealthy snacks that you stock in your kitchen. Keep other rooms at your home food free, again to avoid snacking on unhealthy foods. Top healthy kitchen stocking habits with regular physical exercise at your home gym or via a daily walk, jog or bike ride. During holiday celebrations and other gatherings, cook with coconut oil and low fat seasonings. Try treating your guests to fruit salads and an assortment of nuts instead of breads. Make these actions healthy habits, helping you to create a lifestyle that could reward you for decades.