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Posted by Kathy Foran on 8/14/2016

Hiring a dependable and reputable moving company will help alleviate much of the stress of a long distance move. It takes the work and worry out of the move to have professional packers and movers help you pack, load, move, unload, and unpack your belongings. While employing a professional moving company does cost more than trying to do-it-yourself, you will worry less knowing that your valued items are packed with respect and transported with care. Before contacting moving companies, have a clear idea of exactly what you want to move, the departure and the unloading destination and a tentative date on which you wish to move. USAToday.com reports, “New U.S. Census data show that the great slowdown in migration caused by the recession is starting to give way. In 2012, "domestic migration" was as high as it's been in the past five years — nearly 16.9 million people moved between counties, with long-distance interstate moves accounting for about 7 million of those, up nearly 5% over 2010.” Avoid Damages And Theft • Choosing a reliable and trustworthy moving company involves more than checking the mover’s website or classified ad. Common problems encountered with less than reputable moving companies includes price gouging, hidden charges, damaged items and theft. Trustworthy Reputable Movers • When selecting a mover, reputation is everything. The last thing you need to do is to select a mover that doesn’t show up, or if he does, your valuables are mistreated, and you wonder if the moving van will make it to your destination. • Beware of posting your information on several moving websites. There are thousands of moving related website claiming they provide low-cost moving services. If it sounds too good to be true, it likely is a fraudulent individual or group garnering your information to sell to questionable moving brokers and moving companies. • Avoid moving contractors that fail to offer an on-site inspection and provide a ready estimate over the phone. There are a lot of scams out there, so its mover beware. A reputable mover will want to inspect your load and will ask about any anticipated problems or limitations such as the location of your new residence, if there are stairways to contend with and if you are in a multi-storied building, when is the freight elevator available. Be sure your mover is aware of any obstacles or restrictions such as road access, parking problems or street accessibility. • Research several moving companies before making a selection. Interview 2 or 3 with established credibility and a stellar reputation. Check with the BBB, your State Department of Transportation and local, state or federal consumer affair agencies to verify credentials. Moving contracts can be confusing and different companies include different service in their quote. Be clear on what you need and negotiate to remove services you don’t need. Otherwise comparing moving quotes is like comparing apples to oranges. • Inquire about insurance coverage. Be sure to inquire and request documentation that the moving company provides adequate general liability, worker compensation and personal injury coverage for all their employees and equipment. • Many moving companies offer the option of storing your goods for a specified period. This is particularly useful if you haven’t settled on a new abode and have yet to have a permanent address. It also solves the problem if you desire to paint or redecorate or new digs before unloading your items. Face it. Hiring a company to move you across the country or around the world isn't cheap. Just moving downtown, can cost a "pretty penny." Keep in mind a reputable moving company does a lot more than just transport your belongs. They can help you organize and pack, provide packing materials or do the job for you. They will then do all the heavy lifting to load and unload the moving van while you drive or fly in comfort to your new location. Many moving companies offer additional relocation services such as thoroughly cleaning your new home including shampooing carpets and waxing floors. Your can arrange for them to hang your curtains, put up shelves or hang paintings and wall art. You benefit by not having to negotiate a heavy truck you are not familiar with through heavy traffic and unfamiliar thoroughfares. Believe me, at the end of your move you will be extremely grateful you let the professionals handle the task.

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