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Posted by Kathy Foran on 1/3/2016

There are several items that will make your life a bit easier if you have a toddler. These items are easily found at a pharmacy, hardware store, and safety supply store as well as online. This list will help you be prepared and breathe easy once you are settled in to your new home or apartment. Feel free to print and use this list to help you with your new home safety check. Safety plugs or outlet covers or place furniture in front of outlets Secure furniture that may topple to the wall Install a toilet seat lock Cordless window coverings Install window guards and stops Move furniture away from windows and screens Nonslip pads in the tub Soft cover for the bathtub spout and knobs Secure oven door with lock latch Stove guard blocks for knobs and burners Any fireplace items must be placed out of reach Childproof locks on cabinets Nonslip pads under rugs Remove toxic household plants