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Posted by Kathy Foran on 9/13/2015

It is fall and that means it's time to clean the gutters on your home. Removing the leaves that have fallen will keep your gutters flowing freely. This will help prevent ice dams or buildup of ice in your gutters and will help prevent expensive repairs. Here are some tips on proper gutter maintenance.

  • Dress properly. Wear a shirt with long sleeves and gloves.
  • Use an extendable ladder with standoff stabilizers. This will keep the ladder from damaging the gutter.
  • Use a small plastic scoop to remove debris. You can buy a gutter scoop from the hardware store.
  • Dump the debris on to a plastic tarp. This will save your lawn from being ruined.
  • Flush the gutters and downspouts with a garden hose. Look for leaks as the water runs through the gutters
If you would like to keep your gutters clear in between cleanings install gutter covers. They come in the form of mesh screens, clip-on grates, or porous foam. Gutters with gutter covers will still require regular maintenance.