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Posted by Kathy Foran on 2/11/2018

The gym. Itís a place few people enjoy despite the flocks of people lining up to sign up each passing New Year. Exercise is seen as an embarrassing activity to many as most of us arenít taught how to properly use gym equipment. Equipment that looks more like torture devices than a machine that will help you become stronger and healthier. Enter the home gym. Not only is no one around to watch you attempt your first shaky round of pushups †but also itís a place we already feel naturally at ease. Keep reading to find out how you can skip gym fees and create a gym in the comfort of your own home. Make space. A space that allows you enough privacy from the rest of your family to focus on yourself for a while. When choosing your space, consider a room that has a door you can close, contains lots of light, room to hang a full-length mirror to watch your form from, and room to roll out a mat to work on. If you have a room you can dedicate solely to your home gym paint it a color that inspires you. This could be anything from a calming blue to an energizing orange. A good music speaker to blast some tunes is another great feature to add to your home gym to help to inspire. Know your budget and goals. Donít be afraid to start with small investments if you are just jumping back into an exercise routine. If your goal is to create a more healthy, active lifestyle you wonít need fancy, expensive equipment to get there. A set of dumbbells and some resistance bands paired with exercises that rely on body weight are enough to get you started and at a low cost to boot. Extras for experts. As your strength builds and your routine evolves you may start to look to add more variety to your weekly workouts. Some further investments to consider for your home gym could be a stability ball, kettle bell, suspension system, jump rope and /or foam roller. All of these items can add more interest to your routine without costing you an arm and a leg. Make a plan. This tip doesnít quite relate to setting up a home gym but,†bear with me. Creating a plan for which days you will exercise and what exercises you will be doing will set you and your home gym up for success. Donít go through all the effort of setting up space for your home gym to have it go unused. Instead, schedule times into your week that you will use your home gym. Think of these time slots as mandatory appointments just like a doctorís visit or business meeting. Donít let the intimidation of the gym prevent you from developing a regular workout routine. By setting up a home gym you can get fit and healthy in the privacy of your own home and at a cheaper cost than the average gym membership. Just donít forget to schedule time slots throughout your week where you make the most of your new home gym!

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Posted by Kathy Foran on 12/18/2016

Build a home gym and you could keep your physical fitness regimen on track. Depending on the size of your yard, you could also extend your home gym to outdoor areas, allowing you to absorb natural sunlight and vitamin D while you work out at home. For example, you could jump rope or lift dead weights outdoors. If you have a finished basement, consider using that space to install your home gym. Instead of carpeted floors, consider going with tile. Treadmills and other heavy exercise equipment can grind tears into carpet over time. Following are types of equipment and accessories that could help you get an energetic workout right at home: Wall mirrors Ė Thereís nothing like watching the results of your hard work pay off. Wall mirrors also help you to see where you need to make adjustments. You might think that youíre lifting manual weights for optimum results when, in fact, youíre curling your back or not getting a full arm extension when working with dead weights. Floor mats Ė Department stores sell floor mats for $20 or less. You can do yoga exercises, as well as warm up and cool down exercises on floor mats. Dead weights Ė Start with dumb bells and work your way up if youíve never worked with weights before. Some dumb bells go up to 100 pounds. Sports stores and department stores sell weight bars and plates that you can also work out with. Leave enough room in your basement to lift and lower weights without bumping into doors, walls or other equipment. Treadmills Ė Price compare treadmills before you buy them. More expensive treadmills come with televisions and DVD players. Some treadmills may also have computer plugins. Because youíre already at home, consider foregoing these options to save on costs. Exercise bike Ė Working out on an exercise bike takes pressure off of your joints and limbs. For optimum cardiovascular and muscle building results, set your exercise bike to recline and increase the tension. Choose an exercise bike that comes with built in measurements like heart rate and calories burned and you can monitor your results in real time. Rowing machine Ė A rowing machine gives your arms, legs, lungs and heart a good workout. Similar to a home gym exercise bike, a rowing machine can help you stay fit without putting a lot of pressure on your joints. Balance balls Ė These balls come in different sizes and colors. They are great for stretching, coordination and balance. Boxing bag Ė Boxing isnít just for the pros. You can use a boxing bag to kick or hand box, improving your coordination, balance, flexibility and strength. Add a home gym at your residence and you could save $10 or more a month in gym membership dues, not to mention the money that youíll save on commuting costs. A home gym also puts exercise equipment like treadmills, weights, exercise balls and bikes within a moments reach. You could wave good-bye to the days when you didnít exercise because you got off work after the gym closed or because you had to start work before the gym opened. As with any exercise regimen, consult with your physician before you start working out.

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